The production

Steam boiler equipment

We present a line of boilers of the type "Turbo Rapid", capable of producing steam energy with a very low cost price. Besides, the boilers are characterized by low weight, high steam production and parameters of the working steam, the absence of electricity consumption from the network for the drive of the smoke exhauster, and the possibility of using various types of solid fuel without changing the design of the boiler itself.

Steam machine

We offer a solution to the problem of generation of electrical energy using a steam machine operating in conjunction with a three-phase alternating current generator with a frequency of 50Hz. This solution will allow our partners to completely abandon external sources of electric energy, since the cost price of generated energy will be significantly lower than the market price.

Steam accumulator

The use of a steam accumulator will greatly optimize the operation of boiler equipment, increase its efficiency, ensure energy efficiency and financial savings.

Water heating equipment

Water-heating gas boilers "TurboRapidtm" provide highly efficient generation of thermal energy with low cost and are characterized by high efficiency, low weight and overall dimensions, short payback period.

Unfired locomotive

The development of our design team allows us to solve one of the main tasks of large enterprises - the maximum reduction in fuel consumption. Unfired locomotive allows to solve this problem completely abandon the use of diesel fuel and significantly reduce the cost of shunting work.

The transport-energetic node

Unification in one closed chain: steam boiler "Turbo Rapid", steam engine, steam accumulator and unfired locomotive, allows significantly reduce the cost of shunting work and fundamentally improve the financial result of the transport enterprise.

Mobile power station

We represent the mobile (movable) power generation complex (MKGE) with the capacity of 8500 kW on the basis of two steam boilers "Turbo Rapid 20/60/480" in the dimensions of the railway car of the 1-T size.

Railway scales

We offer the result of the development of the company's design group - railway scales "VVET-150-T316-P2N-E2-C", the introduction of which will significantly reduce the cost of shunting.

Gas Generator

We offer a complex technology for providing industrial enterprises with generating gas, which is obtained by gasification of coal, brown coal briquettes and peat briquettes. The basis of this design solution is a gas generator, which is built in the form of an independent coal gasification unit and is located in close proximity to the site of use of the generator gas.

Design and development of design documentation

The design team of the company offers design and development services for a wide range of machines and equipment, both from existing samples and drawings, and from scratch - based on the technical requirements of the customer.


We want your business to become free of energy pressure. We want your business to become free of energy pressure. For this, we know what solutions to offer in principle to reduce the energy dependence of your production, thereby making it competitive, profitable and successful. Our experience suggests - there are no desperate situations. The key to our success is the creative approach, the experience in implementing large projects, high quality level, and individual approach to each client. We can give your business a new impulse.

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