Unfired locomotive

Unfired locomotive

The history of unfired locomotives has about 150 years and originates in New Orleans, where in 1873 the first locomotive was built which did not need a furnace.

Its further development of the events was rapid. The use of a locomotive of this design was firstly made on the railway lines of New York, Chicago, and then Europe: France, England and Germany. The locomotive occupied its important place on the railway.

The rich exploitation experience has shown that this solution is extremely effective, and in some cases has no alternative. All this served as the basis for the fact that till nowadays, for example, on the German railway tracks there are about 200 unfired locomotives with the axial formula "0-3-0" manufactured by the company "Dampflokwerk Meiningen".

The history of the development of unfired locomotives in the Soviet Union was thorny and was accompanied by periods of rise and fall. So, the first Soviet unfired locomotive BP1-01 was produced in Dnepropetrovsk in 1940 at the” Dnepromash” factory. The weight of the locomotive in working condition was 58 tons. The steam boiler had a volume of 21 m³, the initial vapor pressure was 18 kgf/cm².

In the war and post-war period, the production of steam locomotives was completely stopped. The next time the industry returned to the unfired locomotives only in 1954. Three locomotives of the BP1 type were built at the Murmansk factory. The trailing mass was 58 tons. The volume of the boiler remained the same, but the operating pressure dropped to 16 kgf / cm2. In addition, to reduce the steam consumption from the boiler, the main reservoirs filled with compressed air were installed to operate the steam-air pump. Usually, one refueling was enough for 4-6 hours of operation of the locomotive when driving with a mass of 325 tons and a speed of 15 km/h.

In the 1980s, the most of the unfired locomotives was decommissioned, and not because of the technical condition (for all the time the locomotives needed only the periodic turning of the bandages, regular replacement of the thermal insulation of the boiler, and also the repair of the steam distribution mechanism), but because of obsolescence of construction.

The current economic situation in our country has created prerequisites for the emergence of another, third wave of the revival production of unfired locomotives.

Created as a forced measure for industries with easily flammable products, today the appearance of unfired locomotives forces the economic need.

Today the company "Gasgeneratorbau" with the support of the "Locomotives" department of the Dnepropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after academician V. Lazoryan, offers the unfired locomotive which brilliantly solves the main task - the maximum reduction of fuel consumption and its comprehensive economy.

This is a steam-accumulator industrial locomotive PAL 9P with a thrust force of 9 tons. The locomotive does not need a fuel, but uses the steam taken from the stationary boilers (boilers, power stations). The locomotive is refueled with a fresh steam, after what it is able to perform maneuvering work for 5-6 hours. After the discharge the cycle is repeated. According to the traction properties locomotive is equivalent to diesel locomotive TGM 4.

In general, the project presented by the specialists of the company "Gazgeneratorbau" has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • a complete renouncement of using the diesel fuel, with all the ensuing positive consequences;
  • a significant reduction in repair costs (80-90%) compared to conventional locomotives;
  • a reduction of costs for maintenance staff (the locomotive is serviced by one driver without an assistant);
  • the possibility of working in dusty and polluted conditions without reducing the resource;
  • the possibility of using it at dangerous for explosion enterprises;
  • absolutely not harmful for the environment (exhaust - only water vapor).

The mentioned above and other advantages make this project very attractive for its implementation both at PJSC "Ukrainian Railways" and at other enterprises exploiting shunting locomotives. The introduction and exploitation of unfired locomotives will significantly reduce fuel costs and increase the financial potential of industrial enterprises.

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