Steam machine

Steam machine

The proposed product is a steam machine that works in conjunction with a three-phase alternating current generator with a frequency of 50 Hz, solves one of the most important tasks: providing the consumer with a cheap electric energy.

For reference, the steam engine is an external combustion engine that converts the energy of water vapor into the mechanical work of the reciprocating motion of the piston, and then into the rotational motion of the shaft. In a broader sense, a steam engine is any external combustion engine that converts steam energy into mechanical work.

The principle of operation of the proposed equipment is as follows: the steam from an external source enters a steam machine that converts steam energy to rotational one, and then, through a three-phase alternating current generator with a frequency of 50 Hz, an electric one is generated.

Depending on the type of external steam source, two schemes are proposed for installation of the specified equipment.

In the first case, if the customer has its own technological steam, then the steam machine with the current generator is installed "in a cut", i.e. the exhaust steam with technological pressure enters the production, and the machine serves as a power source for the generator. In this case, the cost of generated electricity will tend to zero, since the cost of steam has already been attributed to the cost price of the final product.

In another case, if the customer does not have its own steam, the steam boiler "Turbo Rapid" of the corresponding steam capacity and the steam pressure for the operation of the steam machine would be additionally included in the composition of installation. With this constructive solution, the output cost of the received electric energy will depend on the cost of fuel, however it will not exceed $ 0.01 per 1 kW (taking into account the utilization of residual heat).

The proposed solutions make it possible to use them both for private customers and for industrial enterprises. While in the latter case the exploitation of the proposed equipment will make it possible in principle to change the size and the structure of the cost price of manufactured industrial products. This is the most relevant in the conditions of a regular price increase of electricity.

Currently, the company is ready to offer a steam machine with a capacity from 100 kW to 1000 kW.

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