Mobile power station

Mobile power station

To solve the problem of providing consumers with the electric energy, the specialists of the company "Gazgeneratorbau" were tasked with creating a system that would provide the maximum possible number of consumers with the electricity in the shortest period of time. In addition, such a solution should enable the possibility of mobile movement of the generation system in case, for example, of liquidation of need or changing the situation. And the most important is that one of the main segments of this task was the conceptual reduction of the initial and exploiting costs for the production of electricity and heat.

As a result of solving such an ambitious task by specialists of the company "Gasgeneratorbau", we have an opportunity to present you a complex that has no analogues in world practice.

In particular, the constructive solution of our specialists is to install a power station with an installed capacity of 8500 kW at the railway car platform. The electrical station itself is built on the basis of two compact high-performance steam boilers and 8500kW steam turbine generator.

We present some technical characteristics of this mobile power generation complex. The steam capacity of one steam boiler is 20 t h with the output parameters of steam 60at and 480°C. The consumption is 3.6 t/h of liquid coke-chemical fuel. The start/stop time of the turbine unit is 8-10 minutes. The output cost of electricity is no more than 0.04 $/kWh.

Mobile (movable) power generation system allows:

  • to deliver the complex as close as possible to the final consumer (via railway lines);
  • to provide the consumer with the required electric capacity (multiple 8500 kW) by adding wagons with the complex;
  • to obtain an absolutely autonomous work of the power generation system since the fuel is delivered by cisterns in a single transport complex;
  • to use up to seven variants of fuels (blast furnace gas, generator gas, water gas, coke oven gas, liquid coke oven fuel, fuel oil and diesel fuel) depending on the price conjuncture at the market;
  • to get the minimum price of the generated electricity (not more than 0.04 $/kWh).

In this way, the decision of the experts of the company "Gazgeneratorbau" in creating a mobile (movable) power generation complex gives new opportunities in providing the electricity of production capacities on an autonomous, independent basis. We also believe that this development can be effectively used in carrying out tasks by units of the State Emergency Management Service, the Ministry of Defense of the country, and other interested ministries and departments of the state.

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