Railway scales

Railway scales

The specialists of the company "Gasgeneratorbau" have developed and are implementing a unique system "VVET-150-T316-P2N-E2-S", which is designed for technological weighing of goods in railway wagons (at places of loading, unloading), in wagon trains, in a static state without uncoupling (with decoupling), with the determination of the mass of each car, the mass of each bogie and the position of the center of gravity of the car.

The following factors are the main features of the "VVET-150-T316" system:

  • the possibility of installation in curved sections of the railway track;
  • it is not required to make a cross-section of the rail, which increases the speed of movement through the scales (without weighing), makes it possible to install the scales on loaded sections of the track with significant volumes of movement. Reduces the level of threat to traffic safety;
  • the possibility of installing T316 in places with increased dust formation and pollution, for example, directly at the place of loading and unloading cargo. In this regard, the processing capacity of the enterprise increases, and at elevators it makes it possible to optimize the work of routes by reducing the number of shunting movements and depending on the availability of a shunting locomotive;
  • does not require registration with the Ukrainian Railways JSC, which makes it possible to save up to UAH 60 thousand. per year due to refusal from the services of weighing cars;
  • for wagons with a different base, weighing by trolley or installation of an additional weighing module is possible, which makes it possible to organize the shipment of cargo both into wagons of various types and into a container;
  • if the need arises, the T-316 mass determination system can be dismantled and moved to a new location within a few hours with low labor costs, which gives a significant advantage in comparison with static wagon scales, both on a monolithic foundation and foundationless platform scales, where a rail cut is required.

Additional specifications:

  • Field of application - industry.
  • Type of cargo - bulk, liquid.
  • Car type - grain carrier, open-top car, tank
  • Verification scale mark, readout discreteness - 50 kg.
  • The largest weighing limit is 150 tons.
  • The smallest weighing limit is 2t.
  • Weighing mode Interval weighing, t Limits of permissible error, kg
    at release during commissioning and after repair
    from 2 to 25 100 200
    from 25 to 100 200 400
    from 100 to 200 300 600
  • Speed ​​of transit traffic with weighing from 5 to 8 km / h, without weighing - no restrictions.
  • The "VVET-150-T316" system corresponds to climatic modification VI in accordance with GOST 15150-69 and is designed to operate at ambient temperatures from minus 30 ° C to plus 45 ° C and relative humidity up to 98%.
  • Weight processor VP-2.21 is designed for operation in irregularly heated rooms at an ambient temperature from plus 10 to plus 45 ° C.
  • The weight processor, in addition to showing the real weight of the component, can provide an electrical signal of all output data in the RS-485C or Ethernet standard for subsequent connection to the enterprise computer network.
  • The weight processor has a design protected from solid bodies getting inside their body. The degree of protection against external influences is IP40. Front panel protection - IP-65.

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