Water heating equipment

Water heating equipment

Water-heating gas boilers "TurboRapid" provide highly efficient generation of thermal energy with low cost and are characterized by high efficiency, low weight and overall dimensions, short payback period.

Team of the company "Gasgeneratorbau" announces the completion of the development of a new line of gas-fired boilers "TurboRapid", with absolutely unique technical parameters, which significantly reduce the cost of heating water for both industrial consumers and housing and communal services.

Due to the unique design solutions, the specified boiler equipment has the ability to generate thermal energy in the range from 300 kW to 20,000 kW with a cost of about UAH 1,100 per 1 Gcal.

In addition, the proposed boilers "TurboRapid" also have other important advantages:

  • high efficiency (98%) and high thermal performance reduce the equipment payback period to 0.5 years;
  • the heat exchange part of the boiler is made of stainless steel, which significantly increases the life of the boiler equipment;
  • low weight (from 150 kg) and overall dimensions of the boiler, block layout, guarantee its installation in existing boiler houses or, for example, on the roof of a building;
  • full automation of the process and quick start from the cold state (up to 5 seconds) allow to automatically warm the water to the required temperature at a predetermined time without human intervention;
  • the boiler uses natural gas or diesel fuel as fuel, which allows it to maneuver in the changing market conditions.

Based on the above characteristics (weight, cost of outgoing heat, dimensions, ease of operation, environmental parameters), water boilers of the type “TurboRapid” do not have competitors in the market of boiler equipment.

Thus, the unique technical solution of “Gasgeneratorbau” will significantly reduce the consumption of natural gas (about 40%) and save significant financial resources.

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