Gas Generator

Gas Generator

The history of the creation of the first gas generator sends us to France at the end of the 13th century, where the French engineer Philippe Lebon, once throwing a handful of sawdust into the vessel on fire in front of him, he saw a thick smoke rose from the vessel, which broke out on the fire and gave a bright luminous flame. The scientist realized that the incident helped him to make a discovery of extreme importance.

In the future, Dr. Gelles, the founder of modern chemistry Antoine Lavoisier, the legendary scientist Mendeleev D.I. worked on improving the technology.

The real history of industrial use of the gasification of coal began in 1854, when the first gas generator of Siemens was built in Germany, for which a corresponding patent was obtained in 1861.

Since that moment, in the world gas generators have become widely used in industry, and especially in metallurgy.

Gas production in the Soviet Union obtained its wide use in the early 1930s. By 1940, there were more than 200 gas-generating stations in the USSR. However, in the 1960s, due to the rapid growth in the production of cheap natural gas, the production of gas from solid fuels was minimized. By 1990 gas generators on the territory of Ukraine practically stopped existing.

At the same time, the technology was not lost. Moreover, in our opinion, gas generation is experiencing a new birth today...

Why do we offer our partners to stop using natural gas in favor of the generated gas? What gives it to the consumer?

First of all, this is a significant saving, which may amount to about 3 000 UAH per 1 thousand m3 of gas, which will ensure the return of capital investment in less than one calendar year.

To other, equally important advantages, we consider the environmental harmless of this installation, the possibility of increasing the amount of generated gas due to the increase in the number of units, the possibility of using various types of solid fuel (coal, peat, brown coal), depending on the market conjuncture and logistics requirements.

And, finally, one of the most important advantages is the energy independence and stability of the industrial enterprise from the negative external influences connected with fluctuations in prices at the gas market and the possible restrictions on the volumes of supply.

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