Design and development of design documentation

Design and development of design documentation

The company «Gasgeneratorbau» offers services for the design and development of design documentation for a wide range of machines and equipment, both for existing samples and drawings, and from scratch - based on the technical requirements of the customer.

The company's specialists have extensive experience in designing tooling, metal cutting equipment, pipe fittings, pumping equipment, equipment for mining and processing plants, heat exchangers for the chemical industry and energy, various power equipment (safety and pulse valves of steam boilers and pipelines, throttle valves, gate valves supercritical parameters, respectively), non-standard equipment for foundry, as well as any other equipment at the request of the customer.

Experience in the field of design is 26 years.

According to the results of the work of the project team of the company, the customer receives a turnkey project in the form of a set of design documentation (PS, TO, RE, TU - if necessary).

At the request of the customer, the company's specialists can provide the author's support, the production of the designed products, the chief - installation.

Examples of work performed:

  1. Devices of the carbamide production workshop, Concern Stirol PJSC;
  2. Hook suspension with a lifting capacity of 80 t of steel turning device, PJSC “Alchevsk Iron and Steel Works”;
  3. Dust extraction device of furnace gas dust cleaning shop, Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant JSC;
  4. The tube bundle of the air cooler of the centrifugal compressor, PJSC "Zaporozhstal";
  5. Gearbox drive technological equipment (15 sizes), JSC "BELARUSKALIY", Republic of Belarus;
  6. Heater for network water PSV - 200, Kamysh - Burunskaya CHP;
  7. The desuperheater of the boiler unit BKZ - 160 - 100 - f, Kharkov TPP;
  8. Supercooler 618 - OP - 0, Pridneprovskaya CHP;
  9. Gas-oil injectors, GRFM, GRFPM, Pridneprovskaya TPP;
  10. Gate valves DN 50 - 1200 Ru 16 - 1 kg / cm2, YuGOK, InGOK;
  11. Safety valves DN 15 - 25 PN 250 kg / cm2;
  12. Condensate discharger Ru 100kg / cm2;
  13. Railway and automobile scales, customers: JSC Ukrainian Railways, JSC Ukrrichflot, LLC Daksa Bunge Ukraine.
  14. Design of various elements and fixtures of technological equipment.

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