Boiler equipment

Boiler equipment

The range of steam boilers of the “Turbo Rapid” type, developed by the specialists of our company, has a number of significant advantages that distinguish them from other boilers presented on the market and makes them unique in their class in terms of basic technical and economic indicators.

In particular, the operation of this boiler equipment will allow the customer to receive steam energy at a cost price of $ 6.5 per Gcal.

These boilers are comfortable in exploitation since straw, sawdust, peat, gas, coal, etc. can be used as fuel, while the design of the boiler itself does not change. Such a solution allows the customer to select fuel depending on current market conditions and logistics requirements, as well as to have full energy independence in the context of regular growth of the cost of natural gas.

An exploitation of "Turbo Rapid" boilers is the most successful solution for industrial enterprises, social facilities, and territorial communities.

The use of high-capacity boilers in combination with electric power generators will provide the consumer with electric power at a price which is much lower than in the energy market.

The use of these same boilers with power generators based on railway platforms will enable to obtain a mobile power generation complex that is capable of providing the consumer with electric power at any place in the country during a short period of time.

Boilers of high-capacity (up to 200 t /h) can be successfully used for the modernization of morally and technically outdated thermal stations.

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